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Song Of The Shadows

A cursed species, a forgotten mountain, and a love that could turn deadly.


My name is Maeve, and I’m fucked. 

I’m the last female Dragonae to hatch in twenty-three years, and all eyes are on me to save us. Except I’m a huntress, not some princess. 

But my grandmother, the mighty Matriarch of our people, doesn’t give a damn what I want. So here I am, stuck travelling south under duress for a farce of a tournament for my hand.

To my delight, we end up stranded in the Boulden Desert as the Season of Storms takes the desert in its grip. My mother is forced to swallow her pride as we seek refuge from House Boulden, an ancient but impoverished Dragonae family that controls the shadows themselves.

The Boulden Heir, Tobian, is the single most irritating man I have ever met. But when truths come out surrounding House Boulden, I’m left questioning everything I know. 

But it doesn’t matter. Tobian declares he will not compete for my hand and I’m left hurt and confused that the only person thinking about my rights, my need for freedom, is the only one who won't be fighting for me. His words sing to me from the shadows as I lay awake at night, dreading my fate. ”I would never force you to be mine.”


All I want is to make this exchange and go home.

It should be simple, especially considering my flirt of a brother is staying behind.

Yet, every answer leads to more questions.

Join Tobian on his journey to find the mysterious sunstone buyer. When his mission uncovers a more pressing situation, Tobian has to change course and convince an unlikely ally to help before it’s too late.

Nightsong is a quick read at just over 10K words and is set shortly before Song of the Shadows. It can be read as a stand-alone.

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