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I'm Mona Storm and I write romantasy. Yep, that's right: romance blended with epic fantasy in my case. Is it an official, technical term? Probably not, but that's how I roll. If swearing, violence, and magic offend you, then I'm not the author for you. If those things are your jam, welcome to my circus!


More Formal Author Blurb, for the days I want to feel fancy...

Mona Storm is an Ontario-based author of Romantasy, a unique blend of romance and fantasy. With a passion for creative writing, Mona has always had a deep love of reading. She grew up in rural Ontario, she would ride her bike several kilometres to spend the day in her small town library. 

Now, Mona has taken her love of literature to a whole new level by creating her own stories, characters and worlds for readers to enjoy. 

Mona Storm is inspired to tell stories that explore the unknown and fantastical. Her writing draws from influences such as Dune by Frank Herbert, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Artists that have influenced her are Brian Froud, Camilla Derrico, and Alisha Giroux. She finds additional inspiration through her love for music. Her playlist frequently consists of Florence and the Machine, Half Moon Run and Ben Caplan.

Mona is a Nebula Scholarship winner and an active member of Apex Writers, SFWA, and ORWA.



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